Legos for all!

It is amazing how trading a child for a day changes everyone! We traded our oldest J for a friend’s child the same age as P. This child we will call him L plays well with P and E – he is about the size of E but closer in age to P so this works well. Anyway, they played legos most of the day and everyone got along and played nicely – do you think it is because “the Boss” – Mr J – was out for the day? I don’t know for sure – but it was nice! And J came home boasting of eating our favorite pizza out with the other family and everyone was instantly jealous! (another issue for another day : humility and jealousy)

We also had an adventurous dinner! I was challenged to find a recipe for the sunburst squash we received earlier this week in our produce co-op – so I found a recipe for stuffed sunburst squash, added some cooked cabbage, and another favorite of a sauted squash medley! It was very tasty and healthy too!

We are hoping to get those cute little squashes again sometime.

Otherwise, life is going along as usual. School went well this morning – P is moving right along with Math and has moved into his new book! J is well into his book after starting earlier this summer. Both have been enjoyed reading Our Island Story and learning some cool stuff about early Britian! Well off to some poetry! We are still enjoying Shel Silverstein!!

2 thoughts on “Legos for all!

  1. hey janelle! we love shel silverstein too!thanks for joining my facebook page. i’ll add your blog to mine as a link. come visit ours anytime! i keep it more current than facebook…i only joined facebook because of sorority peer pressure! HA that’s the only way my alumni group communicates anymore.

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