An evening with family

Here is our little girl with her Aunt List and her little cousin C3 – they are all C’s so she is C3 since she is the 3rd! She is their cabboose and thier only girl too! Yeah for surprises!
Yesterday we have the good fortune of having Robert’s brother and his wife and their kids over for supper and fun! After supper the men played the wii while the little ones watched with envy!! The kids did enjoy their ice cream cones in the back though to get a good sugar high going before they came in to demonstrate the Wii Fit for their aunt! Unfortunately that did not really wear them out either!

Here is the gang enjoying cones outback – How E got 2 we ar enot sure, but C1 seemed to relinquich his on his own?? Who gives away their ice ream cone? Maybe someone not a fan of homemade cherry ice cream? Well, E did not mind one bit!

We all had lots of fun! We will see them again next weekend so I am sure there will be more to come on that! P turns the BIG 6 a week from Wednesday – so we will be having a low gathering to celebrate on Labor Day – which ironically I was in labor on Labor Day! But he did not arrive until the next day!

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