Celebrating the Freedom to Homeschool Day!!

What a great morning we had! We went with our homeschool group to a park to have a party to celebrate the first day of school in the area – “except you don’t send your kids to school you are thinking….” and you are right! So we selebrated the Freedom to Homeschool Day! And it was a celebration! We had a few new families to our group come and meet many others and we just had a great time catching up with summer activities, family and church stuff, and just visiting!

We had water balloons, water guns, and just lots of great food and snacks too! I love homeschooling and having friends that homeschool and just being able to have families blend so well! We had the older kids happily helping with the younger ones and encouraging the balloon fights and really orchestrating things! The little kids love the attention of the older one and just have so much fun!

I also decided since it was the “official” first day of school we needed to TRY and take some pics of the kids – you know one of each of the kids – well to the left you can see that I did get some good ones, but I had to share these too…

Well, hope you are seizing your day and enjoying your blessings!

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