Living School

Today we decided that since we have been doing school during the hottest part of the year, we were going to enjoy the cool morning weather we were given today! So we ate our breakfast outside then we got our nature journals and headed out front. I can only imagine what the neighbors were thinking or the man who walked by during obvious “school hours” with us sitting on our front yard.
However, we had good school! The boys journaled, wrote an drew – little girl colored the sheet, the paper and herself – but hey she had fun!
Then we had PE class which consisted of riding bikes and running around until it was getting warm and we moved inside.

After reading and playing inside for a time – it was house NAP TIME. We do not do this very frequently any more as

the kids do not go to bed good if they get a nap – but I was SO tired – that I decided I would benefit now and pay later! So we all napped – and honestly I think everyone needed it because they all slept! Even the 7 year old for almost 2 hours!

So needless to say my goal for this afternoon is wear them out! So we are heading out for more bike riding any minute!

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