Happy Birthday!

It has been a fun weekend – not too much going on – just hanging out as a family – lots of Wii time, some Central Market shopping, and a birthday celebration! Our second son will turn 6 on Wednesday, so today (monday) we had Robert’s brother & family and another family over to celebrate. We started out swimming this morning, came home for some pizza and of course wii time! Oh, and don’t forget the cupcakes!

The Agony of Defeat…..

I have to admit, I love the wii. Mind you, we have tons of rules regarding the wii, but when we play the kids love it! They played this morning P and his friend P2 and they were boxing. Both P & P2 were winning against their opponents (My other 2 sons) until Robert made them play each other and this was the result….

This afternoon the men played Tiger Woods golf and had more fun -without sad faces!
Here are some pool pics!

Here are Lisa and little C3 – and Robert with C2! All the C’s belong to Lisa & Brian (Brian is Robert’s brother) and they celebrated with us! Above is P, E on his back, and AG – all decked out ! If you can’t tell her goggles are protecting her nose more than her eyes – but boy she was proud of herself!!

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