Another Day for our birthday boy!

Okay – so the day of celebration was actually on Wednesday – and we had lunch with Dad at the Rainforest Cafe! It was our first time there and the boys loved it! Little girl on the other hand, well she was terrified of the animals and why do you go there except for the animals…but Dad stayed close and she survived!

We met Dad after dropping off our 101 items at the JBF sale for consignment. The kids were great – okay – they were good while I dopped everything off. Then we met Dad for lunch.

After lunch I got to take a nap with AG – 2 hours! What a deal! Then we all got up and headed off to church. Robert met me there and took over with the kids while I went shopping! My friend and I volunteered our time to label postcards and it paid off to get to shop last night for about 3 hours – yes 3 hours! But I saved SOOOO much money!

Really I outfitted my dear little girl for the entire fall/winter this year and at least half of next year! Plus I found a Christmas gift for each child for next to nothing, and 2 dress up costumes for my little girl too! Yeah! I spent way too much – but I am done shopping for the next 6 months – until the spring JBF sale!

These pics are from the other day when we had our afternoon snack of “Green Smoothie” – spinach, carrots, naked fruit juice, and cantelope! The kids loved it and it doesn’t spoil supper if it is 1/2 veggies – at least that is what I think !

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