It just feels right!

You know how when you get home from a great vacation that you did not want to end, you fall into your bed and snuggle in and it just feels right. You loved being away but being home, in your sheets, in your room, in your kitchen, and even your own toilet? Well that was a little how today was.
We were only gone for 2 weeks – gone from where? Well our routine, our life of school in our home. We took 2 weeks off to separate our summer session from our new year of 2008-2009. I wanted a break before we really hit the books for real. And today was like coming home!

Schooling in our home is not “easy” per se, but let me tell you, I was made to teach my kids and God made those kids to learn from me. We have our struggles, sure. But each one of us performs so much better in that environment that we have here. The boys got right back into their math like they have not missed a day, P was narrating better than he was 2 weeks ago – a lot better! And J, my dear first born, a boy after my heart, I think he is just a genius – well okay, pretty smart! He gets it! He narrates back to me in so much detail I wonder if he read the book before more. He remembers so much! It is great! And when I read poetry to them and they can tell me what it means, it is like music to my soul! I love it! They were even excited when I had some Mozart on this morning (instead of radio) and they thought it was Beethoven and were excited to hear about another new composer! My kids are not exceptions, we just have made learning fun, and have tried to get excited when they do about little things!

There is nothing you could give me to give away those moments to someone who is underpaid and overstressed at the school two blocks away! It is a gift that was made for me!

So yes, I am excited about this year! I am excited we are in 2nd and 1st, and even some pre-school with E. he will be reading by December with or without me, so I have decided to try and help him along to establish some good habits rather than bad. That boy is dying to read! So mark my words, by December (not bragging, like I said with or without me!).
We also started something new, a friend brought her little girls (same age as mine) and her son (same age as my youngest) to have some craft time and healthy eating time. Her kids are a bit picky and she wants them to see some other kids who eat anything (yes ANYTHING) – and we want to have fun too so we are going to do a craft. Today we did garden stones – I have been a little slow with these. AG is 2 and a 1/2 and this is only her second. The last one is with baby feet prints. Anyway, we had fun and I think they will turn out great! This will be weekly, scheduled permitting, and I hope the younger kids really start to play together. Our girls are too young to really know how to play girl stuff, so they sit around and do legos – it really is sad!
We are having our down time now – E obviously was worn out from all the schooling – really the playing, but either way he is out for the count! I am sure he will be ready to go here in a few minutes.
Just a side note, our closest friends (Kristen & James) started a blog (see my blog list) today because James left this morning for Iraq. So please be in prayer for his safety, for Kristen (pregnant) while James is away with her 3 boys (4,2,1), and just for their family in general! Thanks!

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