It’s Time!!

Tomorrow is the day for our Clan to kick off the 2008-2009 School Year! yeah!
So we are going to try to get back in the mode of school and normal life! I am looking forward to it, and surprisingly the kids are too! I reminded them a couple times today that tomorrow is our first day and they were pleased! I think they have missed our school time together!

Today was a great day for us, but tiring! We started out at church, Robert and I teaching the 1st graders, which we are loving! We talked about God creating the world and everything in it! it was fun to hear what these little people think about that and what they think about that God made! Then we spent lunch at Jennifer’s house with her family, since we were supposed to be back up at church to farewell our Children’s Minister. We had a nice reception to thank her for her service to our children after 20 years, since she is retiring! It was a lovely time to visit and let Sandra know how much we all love her!

Then we had to rush home by 3:15 for “you know what”!! Yes FOOTBALL – ugh! It has started again! I have to say I am never thrilled, but I will get pulled in by the end of the season. The problem in our home is I am a staunch supporter of whoever is playing the cowboys and Robert’s team is the Cowboys! you can imagine this poses problems for us! And I will say that I am a HUGE Manning fan (both Eli & Peyton) and have been since Peyton played college ball in TN. Also, Eli was the #1 draft pick the day I delivered our little E! So you can see I have a place in my heart for both the Manning brothers!

So needless to say my season ended better than Robert’s the last 2 years, but I still say “ugh!”

Now Robert is out playing softball – new season today, while I am home prepping my room for tomorrow. Well I am off the bed now to get some good sleep so I am a happy mommy & teacher tomorrow! Blessings to your family!

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