Saving the Day!

Well, today started way too early and has been way too long. Mostly because of my wonderful kids, but none the less, long!

We got up early (well got moving earlier than normal) and were out the door by 7:10 to get to a local hardware store to try and aquire a generator. I was worried when they opened at 8am that they would have a rush on them and be out immediately. Instead I found a very kind group of people who were not in the least rude or offensive. We all waited patiently and we all got a generator (or 2 in my case) and were on our way.

Yes, cousin Terri and her hubby Matt made their way to our house early this am to get that generator to improve their quality of life down in Conroe TX – just north of Houston.
We had a great (albeit short) visit and they were stocked when they headed back home. I of course snapped pictures the entire time trying to get a couple good ones of the kiddos for mutual grandmas and such.Not only was I blessed to find a generator or two, but they were $300 less than the price I was quoted on the phone last night! What a deal – especially to save that on 2! So Terri and Matt were able to take one back for her mom Linda as well. So two families will have a fan on them tonight and a cooler fridge in the morning for their eggs and milk.

I thought since the kids were so active all morning that they would calm this afternoon and – Boy was I wrong! They are still running like the “little energizer bunnies” the are! Tomorrow we are doing PE at home and I am going to wear them out or wear myself out trying!

So along with my brood you will notice our cousins – the young lady is a year younger than “Chewie” and the little boy is 9 months older than “Princess” – and they had so much fun playing and getting reaquianted!

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