Many Blessings – catch them when you can!

What a couple days it has been! We are having a good week here in the Cole home. Lots of things going on and lots to do, but overall things are going well. The boys have been doing so well waking in the morning because their mommy has been a sleepy head. The other morning (the morning of the 1st 2 pics) I woke after 7am and they were still quiet. I jumped in the shower because they are usually up by 7 and going full speed! When I got out of the shower I found my three precious boys on the floor in the living room reading – yes you read that right – reading! Hans Solo was reading the Bible too! Extra points for that! I just felt like I was given a gift! It was great.
The other pics of my little Princess are evidence that she is in fact a girl. I often worry about whether she will want to be a girl or more like a boy like her brothers. If you see her out or at home she behaves more like them than I would expect a little girl to do. But when I checked on her during her nap the last two days I found evidence that she has that mothering tendency! She has put her babies (and anything else in her crib) to bed as well. Often she does put them face down, but the details will follow, I am sure. I am just thrilled that she wants to be a girl and that she is playing little mommy!
Okay so as I am writing this I hear the kids (just feet away) talking about cutting with scissors – I finally stopped and asked for them and my Princess ran over and said – “Anna cut hair” and much to my horror yes she is missing hair! This is her first hair cut, not sure I will document it as such, but I know have a treasure of a lock of her hair! Not quite what I had planned…. oh well.
So much to do these next few days! We have babysitting for FREE at church tonight, so Robert and I have a hot date planned! I think he mentioned grocery shopping! WooHoo! I think I may even take a second shower today to get myself all dolled up!! You never know who you will see at the grocery store! šŸ™‚
And tomorrow we are hosting some friends for supper, Chewie is sad they are coming for supper and not breakfast so they can stay and play all day – but they do in fact have a life of their own!
Then we are so excited because Grammie and Papa are in town – presently in Dallas with Cole Crew but should arrive sometime on Monday. That is after we see them for supper on Sunday at one of our favorite spots – Chuy’s in Dallas!
On the calendar for next week….a tasty Shrimp Boil – a family tradition when the Coles are in town, lots of walks and playing with Grammie and Papa and even a golf game at the end of the week!
Then the kids and I are off on a Cross Country Adventure! We are trekking out to North Carolina to see The Lewis Family!! We will stop in Mississippi to see family and cannot wait to see my uncle and aunt and my cousin who I am sure has grown up quite a lot! So I am sure we will have tons of pics to share when we get back!
That is all for now –
Oh wait – I forgot, I went to check on my little princess last night before we turned in. My heart about jumped out of my chest when I checked her bed & it was empty – well of a little girl at least. I knew she was not sleeping on the floor because her floor was unusually picked up – so when I turned around in disbelief I saw her sleeping on the Army Footlocker by the door – no pillow nothing, feet dangling off. It was just hysterical! I did move her because I knew she would not sleep well there or for long, but wow! I thought she was missing for a brief second – well maybe not so brief!! Thankfully, she was just practicing for a tougher life to come I suppose! Too bad I did not grab my camera for that shot!

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