One of the Fun parts of Homeschooling

Today we got to go on a great field trip! I had a friend tell me about the owner of Papa Murphy’s Pizza offering to have the kids come in and get a tour of the store – she quickly told me all about it and I added it to our list of future field trips.

We have had about 25 people show up for trips so far, and we are trying to plan 3 per month almost one per week. So I really thought that not too many would opt for this trip. We had about 37 kids today and a bunch of moms! It was so fun!

We were given a tour of the store, we watched them make dough for the pizzas they would sell today and tomorrow and we even got to order our own little pizzas to take home. In addition to our personal pizzas we were given a little container of cookie dough – enough for about 3 cookies per person. We were also offered pieces of their cinnamon wheel to eat while we were there. It was really so fun! The couple that own this particular store are just wonderful and incredibly friendly and just were so sweet with the kids and very good about trying to teach all the kids something! It was just a great trip!

We even bought a pizza for lunch tomorrow with Robert’s folks as a treat! We of course live pizza and Papa Murphy’s is our favorite next to homemade! Anyway, it was a great morning. We even got home and after lunch we did a normal school day! So we are ahead for the week!

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