Out in NC

The Gang

Well, we are in the great state of North Carolina now for our second week! The kids and I trekked out in 2 days to visit Kristen and her brood here. James is settled in over in Iraq and already missing the family.

We have had a load of fun.

Day 1 – Wednesday

We spent our first day playing at the house and learning about Copper Heads. We came home from a walk and found a baby snake on the drive way. We enjoyed looking at the little fella with a green tail that he enjoyed rattling at us as he would strike out to warn us. We did not find out until about 9:30 that night that he was a new born Copper Head – he was just born and on his way to find his new home. We were not thrilled to find all that out, but were glad to solve the mystery!

Day 2 – Thursday

We headed out to the Airborne and Special Ops museum here on post. The kids absolutely loved it and now Chewie and Hans both want to be pilot in the special Ops. Not too bad for a goal! Kristen gave all the kids their first Airborne Lesson with the body of a plane at the museum. They learned how to check off each other, sound off and then jump out! It was a lot of fun to watch -as I am only Air Assault qualified and never felt the desire to jump from a perfectly good airplane!

Here are the kids playing Army in the Prone Position! So cute!!
Day 3 – Friday

On Friday we were a part of a walk for Vasa Previa here in Fayetteville. Kristen had this condition with Chase in 2006 and it was undiagnosed. Chase “should have” not survived – but God had other plans for him! And what a miracle God did! He was in that hospital and there were so many doctors and nurses that told Kristen and her family that “God must have a special purpose for their little boy to have survived what he did!” What a gift! There is about a 95% mortality rate for undiagnosed Vasa Previa. We had nine families and a ton of kids! It was a great walk and we definitely raised awareness among those present!

Here is a pic of our miracle – Chase! What a cutie & what a blessing!!

Day 5 – Saturday

Saturday we were blessed to watch Keegan play soccer with his friends and he did a great job! He kicked the ball a number of times and ran after it all the time! He was a super soccer player!

Day 6 – Sunday

Today of course we went to Manna Church and the kids loved meeting new people and learning about Noah. Kristen and I heard a sermon on how we are all called to serve and how we are the body. It was a good reminder to us.
Not to much – the kids are doing great and enjoying their time together! Kristen and I enjoy quiet nights to talk and catch up!

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