Go Army!!

Its been a good couple of days! We are enjoying some treats that we usually do not have – well with the kids anyway! We had ice cream sandwiches for Han Solo’s celebrate day on the 3rd – and they were a huge hit! The next day Kristen surprised me by bringing home the ingredients for S’mores – and the kids were thrilled!

They were a mess though! As seen here with the chocolate on Mr. K’s face! We credited this dessert night to Chewies celebrate day just a couple days early!

Here is another shot of a happy boy!

And another ….

We have had afternoons filled with soccer and football practice in the back yard with a neighbor stopping by to play too! So everyone has had a great time playing and soaking up the great weather – autumn has arrived – here anyway! Not sure what will happen when I arrive in Texas and realize it is still late summer there!!

Today was a fun day too! We headed on to Fort BRagg to go to PWOC (Protestant Women on the Chapel) with Kristen. First we took about 5 wrong turns to get in the right gate and all and then realized that I do not have my car registration and did I mention it is some Safety week and they have heightened security? Well God wanted us to be at PWOC and to get on post in a timely manner so we made it through! After the car search and some pleading eyes for the guard we drove on post. The kids were about blown away with soldiers everywhere! They pointed out soldiers every few seconds and were just so excited! They were excited by the cammo colored Bobcat – the Humvees – the FMTV (cargo truck) and everything else! We surprised them by stopping by some tanks before PWOC and they were ecstatic! They could not believe it!

The older boys went to a homeschool kid class at PWOC and saw some new friends from our Sofie’s walk the other day. They did a little school and then made some new friends too! Our princess, Luke Skywalker and 2 of the Lewis boys were together in child care and seem to have had a good time as well!

PWOC was lots of fun – and very emtional too! They had a speaker today talk about Operation Bandana which is a ministry that strives to send bandanas to soldiers deployed that have Psalm 91 written on them. It was a great talk – she is an amazing woman with a passion to reach our soldiers for Christ! And this ministry is meeting needs in so many soldiers over there! What a way to really show the love of Christ!

Some happy Bandana recipients…

Check out this video… Come to Jesus to see how God is doing amazing things in Iraq despite current media reports!!

This afternoon we all enjoyed talking with James from Iraq via the computer! The kids loved saying hi and most of all hearing him! It was great seeing everyone gathered around the computer communicating with James from across the world! Sometime Technology can be a real blessing!

That’s all for now….have a blessed day!

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