Happy Endings – well kind of….

Today was our last full day here in NC. While it was a good day overall I think our kids are all turning into pumpkins. It seems as if they know that it is time for us to go home and the Lewis kids are wanting their home back and my kids are wanting to get to their home. Either way we had lots of y kids today and lots of tears. They did all play well together and we even had a friendly – well competetive game of soccer between the families. I am not sure who won but I seem to think Kristen took out my kids when she came in after Chewie asking is he told me who won. Did I mention she is pregnant & pulled her back today but still pushed me out of the way during the game? That competetive nature was kicking in!
Tonight we ended the trip with a movie too – this was a first for us letting them watch tv (the sitter did allow some tv time but oh well) and they were thrilled! We even treated them to some popcorn!

Yesterday we had a fun trip to West Produce where we took a hay ride, saw lots of fun animals and got a pumpkin to take home! What more could you ask for? The kids had lots of fun running around and playing and seeing some new NC friends! And we will 5 nice pumpkins to decorate our front yard on Sunday!

We have spent the last couple days talking about my “controlling” personality – well Kristen has been pointing it out to me. I told Robert and he actually said that I do have a controlling personality! Go figure that both Kristen (my best friend) and Robert (my dear husband) are in agreement! Maybe I do need to look at how I can be controlling….no maybe not. I am sure they are just confused! So what if I took over Kristen’s kitchen and did most of the cooking while I was here and gave her lots of grief over her “over-stocked” pantry and her plan for powdered milk in the coming weeks…. I am sure that is completely normal! Anyway I guess I will have to look into this behavoir!

Either way it has been great hanging out and talking and catching up on the past several years. We enjoyed walks and a few trips and lots of talking time with the kids at the table. Imagine feeding 9 mouths 3 times a day and 7 of those mouths are under the age of 8! We put away a good amount of food this past week and a half! We had lots of talks about God and we even talkign via webcam to James a couple times. The kids enjoyed this trip so much I cannot even list all the ways! We are so blessed to homeschool and take trips like this. We are also blessed to have a husband who supports a trip every now and then! What a great guy!

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