What a Wednesday!

Act I : It started with one child throwing up at the breakfast table! Yuk!
Act II : Little girl shattering a large clear glass bowl all over the floor and proceeding to try to back out of the mess.

Followed by the typical ups and downs of a day. But boy when it starts like that it is hard to expect it to end well!

We did get some reading done out of a couple new books we received on Monday – one is Beautiful Stories from Shakespeare for Children. Oh my! It was so good. We read Midsummer Night’s Dream this morning and I remember seeing that play in High school, probably reading the actual play, but never knew the story! I was so excited to finally know the plot and the characters and get it! I don’t think my kids were as impressed but now, if they see the play or read the big stuff, they will get it more than I did! We also got the Blue Fairy book – and started a story in there. So far we are enjoying our new Ambleside books!
I did get some sewing in today too – the finished product…

Notice you either cannot see her head or she is balling in most of the pics – because she HATES the outfit …why? Because she is a 2 year old little girl – go Figure!!

But I thoroughly enjoyed making it and plan to keep sewing! I was pretty excited for Robert to ask me “Did YOU make that?” In that way that said- you can really make something that looks good? So I was happy with my finished product! Even if my dear daughter is not. I will bribe her!

Yesterday was a great day in our home …. we got our annual supply of fire wood! Usually I have to ration myself all winter to ensure we have some for the late winter days in March that sometimes hit us. This year Robert was a dear and went ahead and ordered a FULL Cord of wood! So I get to burn to my heart’s content this year!! We even had it delivered & stacked – what a blessing that was! After they finished I went to see “how much” a cord really is… well it is a lot! I do not have a pic, but maybe tomorrow! I am so excited – a bit sad the cool weather is already gone!

We were supposed to camp this weekend and it looks like we will be hanging out here since we are having double auto issues…the little car is in the shop in need of a new engine! Ugh!! And now the truck needs a repair too. But surely God knew this was going to happen and we will make it!

Here are some pics from our Fall Party we had on Monday with a few friends and some pumpkins! Lots of fun!

Playing Pin the Football in the Goal post!!

Here we are decorating our pumpkins!

The Coles and the Snodgrass Family

Well, hope your life is blessed and you are praying for our country! Thankfully we have a God bigger than all this stuff going on. Unfortunately he is a God who does allow things to happen and our country sure deserves some discipline right about now. I pray that an Un-Godly President is not our method of discipline right now. Anyway, I voted! Did you? If not – hope you will!!

3 thoughts on “What a Wednesday!

  1. Janelle, I love the pictures of Anna throwing a fit in her outfit. I also really enjoyed Tim Hawkins comedy. Does he really homeschool? I have seen that video before but didn’t know who it was. BlessingsJ

  2. I LOVE Anna’s outfit. Will you make me one? I also love her fit. We don’t get fits like that too often anymore. Maybe something happens when that phase passes and mommy misses the drama? Give the kids a hug. I miss you.drf

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