My dear, dear child…you all know who!


#3 (aka Luke Skywalker) “Here mommy, here are the scissors that were in our room”

Mommy “Thank you “Luke” – did you cut your hair?”

“Luke” – “no…..”
Mommy “Why don’t you go look in your mirror….”

While looking in the mirror “Did you cut your hair?”

Sheepishly, “yes” in his smallest voice possible…….

Dr Kevin Lehman calls it reality discipline…. here is what that looks like in my house right now…….
New nickname – JarHead!! I just need to trim the sides down to the skin!

Note – the last time he had the scissors he cut my dear daughters UNCUT hair – in the front, on top – hard to hide that mistake while wearing pig tails!! Thus the reality discipline – he not only cuts his hair but has cut his sisters twice now!!


While being caught with a sharpie in hand and the following face….

“Here mommy, I accidentally……”

Mommy – “No you did not accidentally stand in front of the mirror and draw on your face!”
“Sorry” again sheepishly and small voice!

What do you do with a child who in his fourth year of life has been to the ER FOUR times, had Poison Control called FOUR times, and this does not count times like above????

I trust that God has something special planned for this child should he make it to adult hood! And I know God made him extra cute to help him make it!!
Any parenting advice will be read & attempted and is welcome!
Did I mention that the three boys with their sisters supervision – disassembles our Little Tykes picnic table yesterday too? Yes, what a day!

2 thoughts on “My dear, dear child…you all know who!

  1. send him to the Army. he looks like he’s about ready- got the hair cut and getting the facepaint!I guess he can continue training C when he arrives in TX in the mail.

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