It’s been a while

Well sorry we have been off-blogging for a couple days – busy days of course! Is there anyone whose days are not busy? I cannot imagine!

On Friday we did get to make it to Flag Football again! The boys loved it and the little ones and I hung out in the stands and watched. It was great weather for being October 31st – and it was a nice afternoon! Watching my youngest two play football on the sidelines was hysterical! The would take turns holding the ball so the other could kick it – football style!

Then we trekked out that night to First Baptist Mansfield to their Fall Festival and played lots of games and bounced and left with way too much candy! Upon returning to our neighborhood we quickly realized the power was out so we made a few stops on the way home (since there is not much you can do in the dark at home) and got a little more candy! After we got home, the power came right back on, so the kids went to bed and Robert and I watched The Happening – I expected scary and it was not – too bad.

Our weekend was great too – I had a friend “drag” me along on a crazy adventure on Saturday! And it was a great day! We went out to the Half-Price Book teacher give-away! Yes give-away! Not sale! You get in line at some crazyhour (7am) [understand we had about a 45 minute drive] and you wait for about 2 hours – 9am. Then they hand you 2 boxes and let you race inside to get as many books as you can (and want). It was a bit insane, but I got some great books and lots of them!!

After that we made it to Target before all the costumes were gone and got one for each of my kiddo for Christmas! And some other stuff too – of course! Then we were treated to some time at North Park Mall – and had a great lunch at Maggianos. It was just a fun girl day!

What a blessings girl-friends are! They are just such a source of encouragement for me – even those far away! I just feel so blessed to have a great group of ladies that I call friends. You should never take those ladies forgranted if you have them in your life! It is another way that God shows his love to us with physical arms and hugs! Not to mention the wisdom they share with us!
Sunday was spent in church – and Robert played his last game of softball this season – and they did not win the playoffs – but they were glad to have played in the playoffs! I think!

Yesterday was our field trip day with our homeschool group and we went out to the Dallas National Cemetery! It was so fun – the boys loved it! And we learned lots about the process and who gets to be burried there. I told Robert that is my choice – to be buried there. Anyway it was a great field trip with some great weather too!!

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