What a difference a day away can make! I was able to get away all day Saturday to do my favorite hobby of all! STAMP!! I loved it! I went to a stamp camp my friend held and we stamped all day. Do you want to know the best part? I did not have to do anything except show up with tape and myself. Lunch, Dinner, and all the crafts were planned and ready to go! it was great! We made some great cards, a scrapbook, lots of gift containers, a recipe box, post-it note holder, ornaments and probably more! It was just so fun!

I can home completely refreshed, loaded with lots of great gifts & ideas, and happy! I neede Saturday after my Friday! What a day!

Today has been a good day too – we spent our morning at church – of course! Sunday School was great – we covered (review) from Abraham to Moses and then talked about Moses getting the Israelites out of Egypt. The best part of this was a call from my friend this afternoon to tell me that her son has been sharing the lesson and the take-away point after class! What a blessing that encouraging infomation was! You never know if they are catching it, and by golly, they are catching it.

I have gotten some more sewing done today too! I finally finished Chandler’s name pillow and on Friday I finished her comforter! I just love both of them! I am working on my dear little girl’s name pillow and one for the boys too (Christmas presents) – and then I am off to PJ pants for my kids and Robert and me. I think we will match this year. Then I have a list of pillows I want to make for people for gifts! I am so tickled with this project!!

What a week we have to come! A great day on Tuesday – VETERAN’S Day!! Yeah! It makes me so thankful for what many of my friends and family are still doing today. James (Uncle to my kids) is in Iraq as I type – and my kids miss him and pray for him all the time! We are just so thankful to live in a country where men and women put their lives on the line for our freedoms. So THANK YOU – to those still serving and those who have served!

In honor of Veteran’s day we went to the National Cemetery in Dallas last week and this week we are planning to go to the parade in Dallas. I am excited – I know the kids will LOVE IT!!

Well, I am off to organize the school room for tomorrow and prepare for the week – I have jelly making on the schedule, school, field trip, more sewing, and I am sure to find a few more things to add!

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