Winter Wonderland!!

Blessings, blessings, and more blessings!

Where do I begin? well we drove about 1100 miles with a nail in our tire (we think)- blessing #1 – we still made it to Michigan where we had the tire repaired! God is so good!

We arrived in Michigan Saturday late afternoon to see snow on the ground – direct answer to prayer (he said yes this time:)) and we had more snow today and more tomorrow is expected!! Blessing #2! God really is good!
We were able to spend the evening with Denny & Jon (Robert’s aunt & uncle) for her birthday on Sunday – and we were able to see the answer to lots of prayers and tears too – Uncle Jon had emergency Open heart surgery this summer and we were a little scared – but driven to our knees in prayer – he looks great! It was so good to see them both and see how Jon has recovered and is just feeling great! Blessing #3!

Does he always say yes? of course not – but right now we are delighting in some yeses to our prayers! I am sure there are many more – too many to list – but we are just feeling so thankful this week!

The kids are loving the brisk air and the lovely snow and the warm fires! Not to mention yummy food, great family time and more “new” toys than they dreamed of! There are so many joys of childhood!

We are just so thrilled to be up here enjoying the weather and the family time! We are not looking forward to the drive back, but that is reality!

the kids even made a snow man this morning! Check out our pics on flickr

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