Christmas Time is Here (well almost)

This season is coming to its peak here shortly, and it is just so much better than when it started. Yes, most everything is done (the stressing part anyway) but I think it is more than that. We have slowed way down and just really enjoyed things. This is not to say that every moment is a joy in our home but we are really grabbing the good stuff and trying to let go of the bad.

We enjoyed a great lunch today at the Redmond’s (Robert’s grandparents) we took a turkey supper over and when she arrived home from the hair dresser we had our “Christmas Supper” with them. It was just nice to not be in a rush to get anything “done” and we just enjoyed talking and reminiscing! Here are some pics of Robert and the kids playing football while we waited to eat!

So now, it is full steam ahead to Santa’s Big Arrival! Yes, we do the Jolly Old Man thing. I will admit about 4 years ago (when myeldest was 3) I told him the truth. All of it. I thought if he believes in Jesus and Santa and finds out one is not real he may think the other one is not too! Oh no! Bad Santa – no more. Well it is true you mellow with age (and more kids) and I have. We now embrace Santa as a FUN small part of Christmas! If you ask my kids the best part of Christmas – without hesitation they will say Jesus’s birthday! They will tell you why and they are so sincere in their excitiment! But you know, Santa is simply fun! It is wonder! I mean the tooth fairy (I mean seriously WHO can believe in this) has been here 4 times now I think. And my kidos really believe she leaves the money!! We are all in such a rush as kids to grow up though, and if believing in this silly stuff keeps them little a little longer, I am all for it. Our lives do not revolve around these mythical creatures, but we enjoy what good they bring to the table. I will continue to remind my kids that the only one who can meet their needs (emotional, physical and all the rest) is their creator and savoir – Jesus Christ. And they will always know that there is no reason to put up a tree or give a gift if you do not believe in him – I mean come on – IT’s CHRISTMAS!! Always has been – always will be. It is here, in Tokoyo, Russia, Germany, France, Iceland….everywhere! It is not “winter holiday”!

Anyway, enough about that. So Santa is slated to arrive in 4 and a butt days!! Yeah – and the kids are keeping track! THey cannot wait to see what they got. but you know what they are almost more excited about? CHRISTMAS DONUTS!!! Who would have known!! We started this tradition about 3 years ago when we saw that a local donut shop was open Christmas Morning, so Robert runs out about 6 am to get the goods and gets home before the kids are allowed to peak their heads out. So when they rush out at 7am to open gifts, they will stop at the table first to enjoy their Christmas Donut! Han Solo told me that the donuts were the second best thing about Christmas (I figured gifts first, but he honestly told me Jesus was first, donuts second!). What fun!

We had some friends over on Friday evening and the boys did a great job of decorating the table with place cards and all the silverware & plates too! They were so helpful! (Notice the Cowboys cup that Jacob “claimed”!)

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