Fireside Friday

We have spent the day playing by the fire and I so love cold days that we get to enjoy by staying home and staying warm! (Robert would say “Amen to that” for the money factor! He is trying to keep me from spending his hard earned money these day!!:))

While staying warm and watching the boys play with their lego-like toys I got some sewing in! Yeah! I have been working on making stockings for our family – yes I know Christmas is over, but if I do not do them now, they will not get done!!

So here is what I have so far….

I am so excited about what I have so far – and am so glad my dear friend encouraged me to go ahead and do the crazy quilt thing. So after the first four, I think I have this down. I have 6 more to make! I cannot wait to start embellishing and adding all the fun stuff once I get them all pieced together! Then I get to pick the back – not sure what I am going to do for that – we will see! anyway, I love them so far!!

Still to come …felt food! Maybe I will work on that in front of the tv with Robert tonight!

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