Fun, Fun, and Historic!

We had a great time today with our friends – even though one had a tough time getting here! Once they arrived it was a full out party! Yeah! We were sure thankful the Wright Family did not have any thing more than a bumper to replace after having a fender bender on the way to our card making party!

While the kids crafted, the moms were able to watch the inauguration ceremony too. I have to say that there were lots of emotions about the whole thing. Not necessarily bad – just lots of emotions. I think this whole process is a way of getting us on our knees in prayer to the only perfect leader and the only one who does not make poor choices – our God. So I will pray for Mr Obama while he is the President of this amazing country and I hope to instill that desire into the hearts of my children so that no matter who leads our Free Country, they will still pray for that person! So we did participate and watch for the historical value it brings to the table – my kids will remember the first time our nation celebrating the swearing in of a black President! It is about time!!

Okay, anyway, we had fun! Lots of cookie and cupcake eating and decorating! Even some crazy play outside, but we won’t talk too much about that. Here are some pics of the fun creations and the concentration too!

And here are some pics of my hard work yesterday – with the help of my good friend! We re-designed the school room and I love the new set up!! The kids even said they love it too! I think it will make school an easier process!
Thanks to Jennifer for your great whip cracking and stern leadership! I could not have done it without you!!

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