Movin’ on up!

It is almost that time! The often dreaded, sometime inevitable, but occasionally a reason to celebrate! It is Big Girl Bed time!!

Many (okay maybe not many) will rejoice in this move, parents, friends, and of course dear little (getting bigger) girl! We are re-acquiring our long lost bed to add to our princess room!!

So with a new bed comes new bedding – right? Well that was the plan – “new” bedding. I was planning to make her a new set for her room. I picked out fabrics, and even got approval from a few key people (Robert, and those with decorating skills that far surpass my own!) and started budgeting to afford it all.

I did trek out though about 2 weeks ago to check a deal at Target to have some bedding for the near term when family get here in 3 or so weeks. I found a steal at $30 for this great comforter! I figured it matches the room already and will be a great short term solution. This way no pressure to get the room done in 3 weeks and still looks cute (so important!). I found some sheets too that will match now and match the “planned make-over”.

Then my frugal friend who helped redesign the school room said “Why not make that the new bedding and not make it from scratch?” I figured she was just trying to help my stress level and make it easier. Then today I am cleaning out the baby bedding I made 3 years ago for little girl’s room to possibly sell at a consignment sale coming up. Then I found a changing mat I made and never used and decided to start playing. So the changing mat is now this pillow:

And then I took some scraps to cover an old pillow form I found and this is what it looks like:

I think I am going to take apart the bumper now and make some pillows with that fabric – like big Euro-Shams to put up against the wall to make her bed less intimidating at its size and kind of like a day bed. Can you make a queen size bed look like a day bed with a little 3 year old in it? Well, we will see.

Anyway, here is her name pillow I made her for Christmas that seems to fit in perfectly.

And here is a blanket that I started before she was born and finished today! I love it and I think it will be a fun blanket to play with on the floor with babies or tea party or just draped across the foot of the bed.

So to sum it all up, I just redid this room for FREE! Yes so far, well that is except the sheets which I would need no matter what. And then I did spend that $30 on the comforter – but really that is not too bad!! I am pretty excited. And when Robert’s folks get here in about 3 weeks they will have a darling pink and green room to relax and sleep well in – I hope anyway!

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