Girl Time

Today me and my dear little girl headed to a local antique mall with a friend to have lunch in the tea room and shop a bit! The boys are in Vernon to pick up our bed to move into our big girl room. So we are having a girl day! About is a pic of my pumpkin eating my orange from my tea – look at those blue eyes!

Here is one of my finds today!

These goblets match a 24 place set of snack sets I recently received from my mother-in-law! She also passed along a punch bowl with the same (or very close) pattern. So now I have a punch bowl, 24 place setting of snack sets and 2 goblets! I think it may be time for a party!! I found these for $5 each which I thought was a great deal! I am sure Betsy could find them for less, but hey, for me this was a steal!

Here is the tea cup set I found for my daughters new collection. Well, soon to be collection since we only have 2 and I think you need 3 for a “collection”.

THis is a plastic set – but the last one I bought her in May (last time we ate in the Tea Room) is the same material and here they both are:

And lastly, here is my last “find” – here are 3 pics in cute frames of Peter Rabbit characters. They were $5 each and I got all 3 for $9! I thought that was great too! They are very cute and will look cute in her room once we move it all around!

So, I think we had a good day and got some good deals! And the day is not even over yet. Not sure what we are going to do tonight, but it will be fun to hang out and just enjoy having the house occupied by girls (even our little dog is on the girl team!)!
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1 thought on “Girl Time

  1. Janelle,
    I am soooo proud of you! You are such a wonderful Godly woman and mother. God never lays guilt on us, that is a human trait! God made you the wonderful woman you are, in His image. Continue to follow Him! Celebrate in Him!!
    We love you! Mom & Louie

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