The good in the Cold

This morning we woke to a winter-wonderland of sorts! I was blessed to have Robert stay home for a while this morning, long enough for breakfast and playtime in the ice! The kids are always thrilled when he gets to stay home later! Our dear little girl used it to her advantage when I told her no to candy and many other things she would make her way to find her Daddy who would console her – more than she gets from me!

Here are some more pics of the ice ….

Anyway, our day proceeded as usual even though Daddy was home, so he saw school take place first hand. The boys knocked out their copy work & handwriting at the table before and right after breakfast was served. Then they did their math sitting by the fire keeping warm! I must praise both boys – they are doing so well with their math – very few errors and are just doing a great job! Their brother did get another reading lesson yesterday too so now he points out every S, M or A he sees and sounds them out! Boy do we love How to Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons!! If only I would do it daily, the boy would be fighting his brothers to read their books already…. no rush though!

Then we moved in the school room temporarily to do our reading and Dad was able to listen in. Then they told him some about some of our other books we read for school. It is fun to hear them recount the stories we have read.

Here are some pics of our early recess – we had to “seize the day” while the ice was still here!

For our PE the boys played wii Fit for quite a while, I sewed and watched – not sure I burned as many calories…oh well! Still a fun day!

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