Birthday Boy & Kristen’s Day too – the joys of family

Here is my eight year old! Wow!! Eight! Here he is with his cousin Caleb and below with his friend Bryce.

Here is the who? That’s right, the princess in her bubble bath – oh the life….

Here is the gang this morning sometime shortly after 5:30am while watching Kung Fu Panda!

The boys had so much fun on Friday night making their own pizza, followed by ice your own cupcakes! Then there was lots of outside play time (thankfully we had great weather!),then wii Olympics and finally WALL-E. I think it was a great night, the boys had a blast!

So here are the pics of my favorite project yet! James sent me his uniform to make Kristen a diaper bag. I loved the idea and was a little intimidated, but was more than happy to try! And I just love, love, love what the finished product was! I love it! I hope Kristen loves it, James loved the pics! I am just excited to hear from her!

Showing the inside fabric and the side with pocket and key latch
Inside with pockets
I also made these goodies for little Kayleigh Grace (I love that name) and a shirt for each boy too! What fun! I hope they enjoy all the goodies half as much as I enjoyed making them!!
Here is one of my favorite receiving blankets and a glimpse of other!

Each boy got a T-shirt with Big Brother on the back and their initial on the front with Daddy’s uniform fabric!

Can I say how excited I am for Kristen that she is having this little girl? What a blessing and a joy to have that little girl in the midst of so much boy! And Kristen also has 3 little boys to be big brothers to that little princess just like me! How fun to watch our kids grow up at the same time! We have been so blessed by our God!
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1 thought on “Birthday Boy & Kristen’s Day too – the joys of family

  1. I love the bag, blankets, all the cute clothes! I’m starting to like all this pink 🙂 I still can’t believe you and James were able to keep this secret so long- especially with how cute the bag turned out. Thank you so much!! Please give Jacob big birthday hugs from all of us. I’m so glad you had a good birthday weekend.

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