Not Me!!

Okay, so it is not Monday and I am not starting my Not Me Monday on Sunday night so I can have it ready to post as soon as MckMama posts the Mr. Linky thingy! No! I would definitely not do that. Nor did I have a number of things happen this weekend when my first response was “Wow that will so be on my Not Me Monday Blog!”

Like when my dear 2 year old daughter tried to help at my son’s birthday lunch by bringing the cupcakes in the holder to me on its side. I mean I would not be upset to see all the cupcakes on top of each other all smashed together. No, I would patiently thank her for her help and not mind since I did not ice them with care and attention just to bless my young son. No not me! I must say though we did laugh and she did not realize what she did!

Nor would I give my son a group of wonderful birthday presents that I conveniently procured for free. I mean, I would think it through and find some very special gift for him that would cost me something. I would not give him 2 items that my mother-in-law found at a fabulous garage sale in MI with tags on everything or sealed boxes. I mean that would be cheating wouldn’t it? Or is that practical or even frugal?

After helping my 8 year old son plan a slumber party on Friday night, there is not a chance that I would go to bed early to leave Robert with the group of 6 boys ages 4-8. I mean that would not be too fair to plan this and get everyone there and then head to bed to let them be boys? No I would not do that – no me!!

Wow – that was therapeutic – and fun! I have to thank my kids for all the great material!

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