Camping in the Cold….

….is not for me. While in the Army, I was not able to say “I really don’t think I want to stay out here since it is so cold” while training to go to JRTC or NTC (training centers). In fact I was not able to suggest much those days. Today, is another story. I can say that “you know it is a big too cold for me to stay out here any longer” and then jump in the car, drive the 15 miles back to my warm bed and sleep well! And by golly, that is what I did. I did bring my 2 youngest along for that warm sleep, while my dear husband and 2 bigger children stayed at our campsite and snuggled to stay alive – I mean warm!

I had a slumber party with my little girl sleeping snuggly with me and with her brother sleeping soundly on the floor nearby. We were well rested and even clean when we got back out to our site about 7:30ish the next morning to 3 very cold men! We then all hopped in the car & headed home to avoid the 40 degrees temps with winds about 40mph all day – making it feel like the 30’s. We had lunch with friends and several naps at home, before heading back to our site to enjoy a great evening campfire, supper and smore’s (of course) before turning in and getting some not such sound sleep that night. It was warmer, but still in the high 30’s and low 40’s which makes for cold conditions anyway!

Here is the princess with her stick – just like her brothers!!

So we are now Arctic Camping certified, well I should say 3 of them are, 3 of us are not and I am okay with that!!
Here are some sunset shots from Saturday night – it was pretty but not the best Joe Pool Lake sunset!

Meanwhile, please continue to pray for Stellan, my heart just aches over this precious little boy – but man is God using him in a BIG way! I mean people all over the world are praying for him …and thus conversing with their creator!! Always a great thing! And people are being told about him and his dear parents who are leaning 100% on their Savior and God!! And what a testimony for them, for everyone watching! Our God is so good and he knew all this would happen, and who knows why – but I just know this is glorifying him to see so many people through a simple blog come together pleading to Him for a little precious boy! A blessing indeed!

So please pray for him!

Did I mention that I thought I had strep on Saturday night? I felt so bad, my throat was killing me and I was sure! Then when I woke up I realized it was allergies! So you can imagine how bad it felt! But it is better today as I am on claritin, even though I did get my local honey yesterday afternoon to start taking regularly, I knew that as bad as this is right now, honey would not take care of it. So a few days of claritin and maybe we will turn to the honey!

We did art this morning – which is a not a regular part of school – but today we did it and we took on a fun project from here! It was fun!! This site is my new favorite for our family to add some fun art projects in that stretch my kids. Art will not be anything more than a fun little elective but this is a great site to get some ideas and develop a plan!!

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