Stumbling Heavenward

My pastor used this phrase this Sunday and it was just so timely. Aren’t we are stumbling Heavenward? I mean none of us are cruising right along. We are still struggle with our sin-nature. We fall back in to old patterns we vowed to turn from, and sometimes we even intentionally choose to not follow where he is telling us to go.

We have been on a path of new faith these past few days, and I would even say weeks. But it is still a rocky path. As God is calling us ever so clearly to follow him, I find myself sliding back into my sin-nature of worrying, or controlling, and not trusting. This time He gently reminded me that he chose the path we are on right now, he knows where it is heading and where we will end up, and that I do not need to know. That has been made loud and clear. So I went to bed repentant over my fretting and lack of trust and woke up remembering all that God has done, is doing and the peace that I have been feeling while trusting completely in HIM.

So it has been a good few days. Knowing that I do not have to fret about a step I may take down the road, that I only need to watch where I place my feet in the next step. I only need the lamp to light the path my feet are stepping on, just that far, and I know that I get further down this path that God will illuminate my steps when I get there.
Meanwhile, here are some pics from our most recent party!!

The Birthday Girl!!

The girls getting their nails painted!

Paper Dolls for the girls to take home – I love how they came out!!

And the cupcakes for her party!!

The girls are outside enjoying the sun and their cupcakes!!

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