Boys, Boys everywhere – with the occasional girl!

Here is my oldest boy – growing so fast – and losing teeth almost as fast! What a grin!

Here we are at dinner last night – at the new table James made – the kids love it and we love the lack of mess inside!

We are still having lots of fun! Today we met some friends (who we met last time we were here) at the park! The Johnson family also homeschools and they have 3 girls (ages 8, 6, and 2) and they are expecting a little boy! So we played at the park today and here are all the kids present (minus little Kayleigh)

We are going to head to Fort Bragg tonight to see a night jump and a heavy drop – so they are dropping a vehicle and lots of people and the boys are likely to sign up for the Army tonight after seeing all this fun stuff! Tomorrow we are heading to the Special Ops museum with Daddy, because the kids are sure they need to show him all the fun stuff there – they do not fully realize he has seen it all before and done a lot of the stuff they feature first hand! But it is sweet to see their enthusiasm to share it all with Daddy! So we are having a very “Army Strong” few days!!

Saturday we are heading to the beach for the day – can’t wait to see the big sand box and sit on the beach and enjoy the water too! I hope to get some good pics – can’t beat the beach as a back drop! And the kids should be happy and very entertained by all there is to do there!

Then we start packing back up for the continuation of our journey north to “God’s Country” -AKA Maine! Hoping to avoid the Swine Flu on the way!
Here are a few more pics from today! The park is always fun and usually leads to good naps for tired people too – I enjoyed my nap – while Robert hit golf balls with James – and all the kids rested! Always fun!

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