Hangin’ out in Maine

The family on the beach in NC –
The kids at sunrise!

I woke up this morning about 5am to the sound of rain gently falling on the house. While it was very early, it was the norm for Maine. There are no curtains on the house so when the sun comes up so does everyone else in the house.
The kids were up before us and shocked to hear it was only 5 something and not 7 like they expected.
Our trip from Texas to Maine could not have gone better. We were blessed to stay with family and friends along the way, cutting our costs dramatically. We spent some time at the NC beach which was tons of fun and just a great way to break up this trip. Then we stopped at West Point for about 18 hours and had lots of fun seeing some new improvements up there and seeing our friends. The boys made fast friends with Caleb the son of Kevin and Amy Lynn – our wonderful hosts – and were sad to tell him goodbye. Another pen pal friend I hope.
So we are settling in to this wonderful home, without issues! We have water, electricity and heat – yes heat! It was 50 yesterday and expected to be the same today. It is going to rain for the next 4 days too we expect, but I do not seem to mind. I know the kids will get a little stir crazy at some point, but for now sitting and enjoying each other and playing some games sounds just about perfect to me!
While at West Point with Kevin and Amy Lynn, Kevin shared a sermon he heard recently with the main point of :When times are tough do you ask Why or What? It was so relevant to what is going on with us.
Do you ask “Why God are you doing this” – in such a way as to insinuate that we would do things better if allowed to choose.
Or do you ask “What are you going to do with me in this situation?” I loved that – For the first time in my life I am asking – WHAT and not why. We have been asking this whole time “God how are you going to use us?” and we are excited to sit back and see him answer that.
He is continuing to confirm this journey to me and I still feel an immense sense of peace through it all. We have had a few hiccups – a nail in the tire (easily fixed during a stay at West Point, we had a situation with an immediate stop from speed of 65 with little warning. Enough to get my heart racing and my blood pumping because I was sure we would not make it – but God had his hand upon us and somehow guided us to a safe stop. We had wonderful kids throughout the trip – they were so well behaved despite the 30+ hours of driving we travelled. So all in all it has been a delightful journey and one that we will look back on in the years to come.
Thank you for your prayers and encouragement during our trip and we appreciate your continued prayers for the sale of our house and the search for Robert’s job.

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