Living it up

We have enjoyed both Lobster meals so far! The first was for my birthday, the second on Saturday when some friends came by for supper! Kim, Rosa and Gerri were trekking up the east coast on Saturday when they spent the day with me shopping in Camden and then visiting Owl’s Head light house, then finishing up with Lobster Dinner at The Point. We had a great day – oh yeah, it started with Breakfast at Moody’s Diner and for lunch we ate at Wasse’s Hot Dogs. A perfect day!

The kids are getting quite good at climbing trees, not to mention identifying birds and other wild animlas around the house. We have seen wild turkeys three times now and the Osprey many times. They are just loving the room to run wild and free! It is going to be hard to go back to normal life – at some point!

Here we are with the ladies and the family eating lobster! Lots of fun!

Here are Kim, Rosa and Gerri near Owl’s Head.

Trying to catch the sunset – a little too late.

Picking out lobsters from “Mr. Gut” or AKA the man at the Gut.

Here we are eating our lobster dinner at the picnic table

Here is our supper – so sad!

Here is our supper before cooking! The boys love this part!

Here are the girls at Owl’s Head – a fun day for me!

1 thought on “Living it up

  1. This was a perfect day-I really enjoyed this time with you. This was one of the top bestest time! I hope you are having a great week. I am praying for you and the fam! Gerri

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