Strawberry Time

Well, being here in Michigan is like going back to an old home. I lived here before our second son was born while Robert was deployed to Qatar. So coming back here is just nice. I know where more things are and I know how to get home when I am out somewhere. I do not have any friends living here really, my 2 friends who I did have here have moved since then.

We really do like Michigan, especially in the summer. As soon as we arrived we planned to run out and pick some strawberries. Besty had been last week and picked about 9 pounds with her sister and made a batch of jam before we arrived. We all headed out this Wednesday and with the help of the younger ones we picked 24lb of strawberries!

So after a few days of grazing on our berries, I finally got to work with making some jam. Betsy helped prep everything for me – then I started the process. It is funny since this is where I first learned to can pickles and jam just 7 years ago with Betsy.

I filled 6 jars and now we have a batch of fresh Michigan Strawberry Jam! Yeah!

The kids are loving the yard and especially love to watch the birds feed in the back at one of the many feeders that Betsy and Leslie have. We have seen woodpeckers, blue jays, mourning doves, purple finch, sparrow, cardinals, gold finch and I am sure there are others I have forgotten.

Still waiting patiently on God with regards to a job and the house. We know he is perfectly timing things!!

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