He’s on his way!

Robert is due to fly in this evening! Yeah! He was not scheduled to fly out until Tuesday because we changed his flight to allow for another interview on Monday. However, the guy he was meeting with could not make the Monday meeting and so he was stuck there for 4 more days with nothing to do. So we were hoping that he would get to fly standby to get in today!
Thankfully, our good friend Mark was able to sweet talk the ticket agent so Robert did not have to pay the $178 change flight fee and was able to fly standby for FREE!! Say it with me, God is so good!!
So my kids Daddy will be home when they wake up tomorrow morning and we get to go to church as a family (a tired one – but complete). We may even try Sunday school, but that may get pushed to next week if we are simply too tired!
And another job conference on the horizon, next week in Chicago there are 2 confirmed interviews (which to us means nothing – because confirmed becomes cancelled too quickly) and possibly a couple more. Then, the week after there is another conference with another head hunter in Chicago too. So the job situation seems to be getting very active and busy! yeah! About time!

We have had some fun here too when we recently went on a nature trail with our friends where the trail went through a bog. When the walk was over the water the boys could not help jumping on the boards to get the water to squirt up – Will and Rowan called it the squirting trail. It was great fun, a bit messy, and a great day!

Here are the kids jumping and getting the water to squirt up!

Here are the boys. Before the walk with clean legs and dry feet. But not for long!

Robert and his dad are still working on the deck. Of course Robert has had a week off while in Texas and his dad is working hard, sometimes employing the boys with some smaller tasks.

It is coming along. More pics to be posted soon, it needs to be done in a week when Betsy and Leslie leave for Maine, so now that Robert is coming home today – they will have all week to finish! Yeah!

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