Not MY child Monday

Okay, so it is not Monday yet as I pen this post, but when McMama revealed that Not Me Monday will be not my child, how could I help starting this post immediately? Yes, it is just Saturday, but here goes anyway!!
While at the pool of a neighbor, and swimming with my friend and her 2 boys, and my 3 boys, my daughter DID NOT, reach down, and move the bottom of her bathing suit to relieve herself in the pool – I mean, NO WAY would she think that is okay despite her age of 3 years – I mean really, if you are going to go, why move the bathing suit to let everyone know what you are doing?
Okay, so I know for certain my child would not call 911 just to check the phone line either. No way, and when 911 calls back to dispatch someone that child would not deny fully that he touched the phone! I mean my children are truthful no matter what!
I know that I could go on and on, but my memory is not helping me out at this moment.

Today is a great day and I have felt a big hug from God already this morning! I put my oldest boys on a wait list for Action Day camp at our temporary church home here in Michigan. I did that last week. I prayed that if God wanted them to have this week at camp (9-4 Mon- Fri) he would open some slots and also provide some $$ assistance. Well, last night I went looking for my phone to see if I got a call about openings and as I walked into the foyer the house phone rang and it was the news I was waiting for!! yeah! They did get in. When we arrived this morning I was still not sure on costs, and I HATE to ask for help….but I did anyway since I know we are just in a position to take that help if offered. And yes, they did have assistance and really just wanted the boys to come. So I paid some money that I felt comfortable offering and off they went!
They are going to have a blast. The mornings are VBS, picnic lunches and then trips every afternoon!! That is, after the missionary comes and talks to them “old-style” about missions. I am just so excited and I know the boys are going to have a blast! I really felt like God just made the way for them this week and he really encouraged me by doing that!!
So for the week, I have the 2 little ones to play with and hang out with, that is going to be very fun too to see them interact with one another without the 2 big guys!

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