Fun was had by all…

We did have a great weekend. We started on Saturday morning with no plans, which is always fun. So I packed them up to run out for a surprise – trip out. So we took Robert to the trail in the bog. The boys did not know either, but about half way there they guessed, but did not tell Dad!

As you can see from our pics, they loved showing Dad how much water they could get to squirt up and how fun it was! They were in heaven! And what a mess when we were done!

Before we left – notice the clean legs and shorts! Not for long….

Here are the boys jumping to get the water to squirt up through the boards.

The boys playing at the park

Here is little girl getting a break from walking…

Here is the gang taking in the view at the first bog lookout.

Then we stopped for lunch at Schwarma King – a Lebanese restaurant in town. The kids loved to try some new foods and we enjoyed our lunch too!

We spent the afternoon playing outside around the house and playing some wii. We ended out fun family day with some Dr. Doolittle, they are loving this book, and I am too!Sunday was an equally fun and family day! We started out with Sunday School and Church – great sermon from Isaiah. Then we came home to Chili Frito Pie for lunch! Then we hung around the house for a little while until we decided to go swimming at a neighbor’s pool. We only lasted about 45 minutes, I mean the kids only lasted that long. Robert and I did not swim, we played lifeguard instead! Then we came home to shower and have supper. We did get to get out and walk again with our favorite dog Rizza – she is the dog the older boys are paid to walk each day.

It is a great deal! They are paid by Rizza’s owner and they are learning some great lessons in work & responsibility! And it is not taxing our wallet! Great deal for all!We ended this day with some wii and a little more Dr Doolittle again!Great weekend!

Last but not least, here is a sweet pic of our little girl…

1 thought on “Fun was had by all…

  1. Well- I'm glad the boys had fun jumping on the bridge again- I enjoyed the 1st post. You inspire me (as always). I think I'm going to have to make sparkling Jam for Christmas and I may have to drag out my machine and make some one of a kind duds for Kohner at school. I miss seeing you- but I enjoy the pics of the kids online.
    Love, K

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