Coming to an End

Our travel time that is…
First, we spent a great 2 days in Chicago this past week. Robert attended a conference for a head hunter we are using for the job search. He was blessed with 6 interviews – and we were only expecting 2-3! The kids and I hung out and took in a few sights. We visited the Shedd Aquarium and the Field Museum. The kids loved the museum – the animals were great and so fun to look at! They enjoyed seeing a few displays from the movie The Night at the Museum.

We enjoyed a swim in the pool after picking up Robert from his conference and having supper at Glenn’s Diner. We found that restaurant from Diner’s, Drive-Ins and Dives from the Food Channel. We enjoyed a great meal of shrimp, trout, and cereal. Yes, the kids all had a big bowl of cereal! They loved it!

So back to the coming to an end part…. our travels are. We have a contract on the house and we are heading back to pack up the house. We are back in Michigan now trying to organize all our stuff to pack up in the next 2 days. We are leaving for Texas Tuesday morning and plan to drive straight through. So after 18 hours in the car we will arrive to our home which we have not seen for almost 4 months! We are so looking forward to our own beds! Not to mention seeing all of our friends again! Yeah! Not sure where we will go once the house closes if Robert has not started work, but we know God will work it all out! He is good!!

Well, in the meantime, here are some pics from Chicago and the days before. We sorted through some of Robert’s boxes that have been packed up here for about 16 years. The kids thought they found lots of treasures. One of which was a kit to build a lobster boat. So Jacob was thrilled to put that together with some of Robert’s help below is a pic of him painting it with his brothers watching, it was very sweet!

Here are the boys doing some art at the Field Museum, they loved this part too!

Here is a friendly pirate they sat with a the Field Museum.

Here is a shot of the skyline, notice the little girl being so sweet and obedient! Okay, maybe not….

Well, that is all for now, I am sure I will have more pics soon!

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