I recently signed up to review books after a friend sent me a couple links. I am always up for free books and reading – so it is a great combination. The requirement is that I review them on my blog after reading them. Great deal!

So my first book is a Toddler Bible, I feel like I am fully qualified to review such a book, I have 3 graduated toddlers and one who thinks she should be graduated! She was so excited to see this book when we arrived back in Texas last week! She loved it – her very own Bible.

So we really enjoyed this version of the Toddler Bible. I love the pictures, for animated pics they are more real looking than some we see in other children’s books. I want them to seem real in order for my kids to understand that these are not just fairy tales, but real stories. The stories are brief enough to keep the interest of a child under the age of 5, but also flow well together if you wanted to spend a little more time reading several stories to your child.

Each story lists the specific Bible passage that the story comes from as well and I really liked that – you were able to find the whole story rather easily in a traditional Bible if you wanted to offer more details or answer questions your child may pose regarding the story they heard.

I also enjoyed the little notes to the parents on how to bring the story to life for your child. For example when reading about Jericho there is a suggestion to build a wall of pillows and march around then knock them down, or while reading about Noah to cut strips of colored paper to glue down to make a rainbow while talking about the promise that comes with a rainbow. These little ideas were simple, yet a great way to take the story to a deeper level.

Finally, the DVD that comes with the book is another great tool to reinforce the stories they are learning while reading with mom or dad in another venue.

I hope everyone who has a toddler at home finds this Bible Story book very enjoyable, I know your children will!

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