What have we been up to?

some swimming

some hanging out with friends

some refreshment

some more fellowship with lots of little people

some more time with Friends!

and some alone time too :)…..

some silly times

but most of all – fun!


What a week we had – and weekend and here we are at the beginning of another week.

We got out to the pool a couple times with friends and that was a great break from the heat.

Robert flew in to Indiana and had a nice time with Boston Scientific and seeing Bloomington and the surrounding area. He really likes that company and we are still hoping to hear a job offer this week! So we wait somewhat patiently to hear from them.

Meanwhile we are finishing packing up the house, not too much more to do, just the little stuff. But we need to clean while packing, and organize the stuff that will go with us in cars, in the trailer and may end up being what we have for a month or two if we rent in Indiana.

So, on Thursday a friend offered a free ticket to Women of Faith in Dallas for this weekend! I was so blessed to be able go with friends for free, hear Steven Curtis Chapman among many other great speakers and just feel God reinforcing all that I have been learning this summer spiritually. On top of being free, it was just fun!
Now it is Tuesday evening and after dinner at Chuy’s in Dallas with Robert’s brother and his family- which was great thanks to Besty!! – we are trying to determine all the things we need to do before we close on Friday!! Only 3 days away and really just 2 work days!! So we still do not have word on the job, but the house is going to be taken care of in just a few days!! Yeah~!
So we continue to be patient as all of you patiently wait to see what happens with us!

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