Today is Thursday, we are still in Honey Grove and loving the country life (for a little while anyway).
Today is our second born son’s birthday! He turns 7 today! The time flies!! He also lost his first tooth this week when we got here!! See the hole in the bottom of his smile? And the toothfairy even found where we were!

And we ran into town to get a few things for his birthday supper and hoped to check email too. So all is well – we are having a blast!! And are out of touch with the world, but enjoying that too!

We did get to 4-wheel the other day and the boys loved that!!

September 1st:
A couple weeks ago I was at Women of Faith and was so blessed to hear Steven Curtis Chapman sing. It was so much fun to see him and listen to his amazing lyrics accompanied by his 2 sons. One of the songs he sang was a new one he wrote since losing his precious little girl. The lyrics start our “Heaven looks like a little girl with straight brown hair. Heaven looks like a little girl with big brown eyes” and he goes on to describe what he can only imagine to be a little bit of heaven when he gets to hold his little girl again and run to the arms of Jesus.
Well, I am in Honey Grove Texas right now with just my family. We are so blessed to be staying at a dear friend’s cabin in the woods. And I just keep playing Steven Curtis Chapman’s lyrics in my head with different words.
To me heaven looks like fields my boys can run in to their heart’s content.

Heaven looks like dirty children running through trails, laughter as they play hide and seek in the tall grass.
Heaven looks like a beautiful sunrise over the trees , the grass and behind the cows grazing nearby.

You see, to me we are experiencing a little bit of heaven here at the Slagle’s cabin. We are soaking up the time as a family – just us. We are enjoying every moment whether checking out trails, or peeking in the lake, or even rocking on the porch enjoying the breeze.
A neighbor came by this evening to say hi. We met as we drove in yesterday and said hello, but it was quick as we were anxious to open the house and get settled in. So, Jessica trekked over (and not like we are used to trekking to your neighbor’s house – this was a trek) with full hands with her 2 children and trailed by 4 dogs. Yes, 4 – I think when you live on this much land and this far out, the more the merrier. Oh yeah, there was a cat named Cotton too! And Jessica blessed us with some fresh veggies from her garden! How cool is that!? And a warm loaf of zucchini bread we gobbled up – and a small bouquet of fresh basil and marigolds. I mean seriously – we are only going to be here a couple days (maybe) and the neighbors are bringing us bread, veggies and flowers!! How could this not be heaven?
Then another neighbor who leases some land from the Slagle’s to graze his cows came over this evening to mow some of the tall grass so the kids can play without stressing me out too much for fear of snakes. Actually, Ken came by and dropped his dear wife Jan to do the mowing! And she was delightful to talk with too once she was finished and waiting on him to get back to get her.
At supper as we thanked the Lord for once again providing for us, we are feeling so blessed by these people that God has crossed out paths with (even though they may not realize it) and we were thankful for this amazing roof over our heads. God has just been blessing us since this all happened, but right now we are seeing it so clearly because we have nothing to depend on but God and the people he is working through.
So we are still working the job angle – Robert has several that he is waiting to hear from – Boston Scientific, TAMCO, and Dr. Pepper – yes, Dr. Pepper. We will see if one of these is the job God has for Robert. But, meanwhile we are enjoying the heck out of the Slagle’s cabin and our time away from the real world!

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