A Great Day in Austin

What a day we have had – for that matter just a great weekend!

We arrived on Saturday afternoon to check in to our hotel – and we already had acquired a great rate for the hotel where the job conference was being held, but then they upgraded our room too for free! So that was a treat! We settled in and then headed to the beautiful pool they have here and played for a while there before getting ready to head to supper.

We went to The Salt Lick – a BBQ place that Rachel Ray has featured – and the food was amazing!

Most of Sunday, Robert was tied up with the job conference so the kids and I were on our own to trek out to the Children’s Museum – and would you believe it was the one day of the year you can get in free!? I could not believe it! So we were thrilled and the kids had a blast….

Here is a pic of our pool time….

And after swimming we came back to our room, and let the kids play in the tub for a while, and then our dear little girl crashed…. while wrapped in her towel and having a minor fit. It was adorable!!

After that, Robert joined us and we trekked back out to Magnolia’s Cafe about a mile away and stopped at a huge Candy store on the way back, and then stopped for some Amy’s Ice Cream – wonderful!! After that we headed to the Bat Bridge where the largest urban bat colony in the US resides for the summer. It was fun waiting and listening to them talk to each other, and then finally they all started coming out – there were tons – well more like 1.5 million bats!!
Here is another museum pic…

So we are finishing up here – Robert has 4 interviews today and then we head back to Honey Grove. He interviews with Dr Pepper this Thursday. Anyway we are excited, enthused and just refreshed after a mini-vacation!
I feel like God is so blessing us in the little things (I know some of you may chalk it up to coincidence, but I do not believe in that at all! Nothing happens randomly!). He blessed us with a bigger room, great rate, lots of fun stuff and much of it free! I just feel like we were given a big hug from God this weekend and told – just hold on – this will not last forever!!

1 thought on “A Great Day in Austin

  1. That is all no coincidence at all…yup, it was a great big hug from the Lord so soak it in! I love those moments where He reveals His love in such a tangible, practical way!

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