Settling In

Our home…..

This is the side into the backyard. The sun room is on the left (looks like grey doors)

This is the backyard – yes a little smaller than the cabin in honey grove, but the kids are enjoying the wall of bamboo in the back and are just thrilled to have bikes!

Our new home (well new to us) is coming along quickly! We have one pod emptied, a few beds to sleep on (a few still on the floor). We have a couple tables (which are much easier to use to empty boxes rather than the floor) and a couch & tv. The kitchen cabinets are filling up!
If you did not know, we are renting a home in Irving, Robert works 6 miles from here (sometimes a 10 minute drive, sometimes 25, but still not bad!). It is a 3 bedroom, but we have a good size sunroom for ALL the toys and a front room (formal living??) that will be the schoolroom. Anyway we are enjoying it! Hardwood floors and tile througout. Nice trees in the front and back, which = shade most of the day in the yard somewhere! Side walks all around too – which makes walking easier with kids!

Our final pod will arrive on Tuesday, but not sure that one will get emptied as quickly as this last one. Today our dear friend Keith saved the day by repairing our old fridge since the new-old one will not fit in the fridge spot at this house. So he replaced something and anyway, we have water in the door – a necessity with these thirsty kids! He also acted as the bike hero by delivering my 2 big boy’s bikes along with a few boxes and the vaccum!! What a day!

I finally agreed to a walk to the park as well. We walked the 2 blocks to a beautiful park – water everywhere, ducks, a great playground and a walking trail 1 mile long around the park. I think we may have to make this a regular event in our week – recess!! We even made a friend for the boys and I met 2 nice adults too. Just a good little break from boxes, cleaning and unpacking!!

So now I am beat, and I still have some boxes I have not unpacked. But dinner is prepped – well the salad is made and broccoli is cleaned in cut and in a pot. So once we figure out Robert’s ETA I will get some chicken cooking and we will enjoy a homecooked & healthy meal!

God is still pouring out blessings on our family. It is just fun to sit back and watch everything unfold!!

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