Fresh perspective

It is amazing how a fresh perspective changes well, everything. I have been getting very bogged down in wanting to transform this house, all our stuff, and our family into this new home – and getting frustrated at the pace and the amount of work!

So yes, I whined a bit to my friend about how this is just hard. While sympathetic, she did not really join my pity party. Instead she told me she would be praying for me (what I really needed more than her attending my party)
and reminded me how we all go through this. I know that, but it does not make it feel better when you are in the midst of it. You know?

So yesterday after my little celebration I decided to get my head out of where it has been, to change my perspective. So I told Robert we were going to take the day and get out of the house and it would not be moving related (i.e. errands, getting stuff from Mansfield, etc) so I planned to take the brood to the zoo.

I did have a good night sleep, and that always helps. But you know what really helps? To not dwell in the unhappy place and to be thankful for what I have. I have great kids who have tolerated “mean mommy” for quite a while now without complaining or really acting up. They have made this transition wonderfully well. The problem really is ME. I want clean counter tops, an organized bedroom, and school daily. I do not currently have any of those. But I can see the school table (under the afternoon craft of bookmarks), my counter tops are revealing themselves more everyday (while blessing Goodwill with lots of donations) and my bedroom, well…. I am not there yet.

But a break in work, a trip to the zoo is what we needed. When I told the kids this morning to get ready to leave to do some things they automatically assumed we were trekking out to buy more rugs for the floor, toilet brushes or food (the story of our lives lately). They were not upset that we were going to spend more time in the car without toys or movies. They went right along with the flow. So when we exited off the highway at the zoo exit they started to get a little excited but did not want to make any assumptions either, so they asked if that was where we were going, and when I said yes, they were about ecstatic! They were so excited they all quickly started thanking me profusely! It was almost funny!

It was a bit chilly at first, but with no one at the zoo but us (and a few others) we did not mind the cool morning at all. We had a great visit and even enjoyed a monorail ride with tickets from our zoo membership last December! So all in all it was a great morning. We got home in time for lunch and then had about 90m minutes of quiet time (for the big boys) the little ones are still sleeping! They wore themselves out at the zoo running and running!

So a fresh perspective was so good for me and my attitude and I know it blessed the kids. While they rested I almost finished the school room, so tomorrow I think we will ease ourselves back into normal school – some math and hand writing. Then work on the house – then the weekend arrives!

Here are some pics of our most recent trip this week to the cabin – the kids were thrilled to see the dogs – they are missing them so! They checked on the tadpoles and played in the water a bit. It was a quick trip due to wasps in the house – but it was still fun to play there for an hour or so.

Today my oldest lost another tooth – second one this week – the toothfairy is going to need a second job for our family soon!!

The boys at the cabin

My oldest with the tadpoles

The cabin – it is so peaceful there!

Our favorite dogs – Chloe and Levin

Here is Chloe – she is the boy’s favorite out of all of them

Here are the tadpoles – can you see them? They found them as frog eggs – what a nature lesson!

Running in the woods – like old times!!

the toothless grin – the big ones in the middle are getting bigger – good thing we lost the ones next to them!

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