Its already Wednesday!!

The week seems to be flying by. I am not sure if it is because we are back to school, still organizing and still living or just because time is flying by.

Today for quiet time I did not subject myself to more boxes. 1 I am sick of boxes, 2 – there really are not many more, and 3 – I decided to spend my time in the school room copying cd’s for the kids to have a “copy” in their room they can scratch up and then I can re-copy it. So while doing that I browsed the world wide web! Wow – talk about finding some good stuff.

So as I sit and copy I get to print some great stuff, copy and paste some other stuff and feel like I am equipping myself with some good stuff. I found tons of stuff on Habits today. I think 2010 is going to be a year really working on habits. In my kids, but honestly in me too. I want to have good habits for my kids to catch instead of trying to teach them with words. Does that make sense? I want them to see that I am being intentional about my time and my choices so as a result they naturally start to do the same. They may not do it all the time, but if once or twice a day they make a great choice on their own accord that would be great.

Facebook is one choice I am not sure I am being intentional about. So I am chewing on what Facebook should look like in my daily life and how much I am allowing it to influence me. I want to make good use of my time. I also want to instill some great character traits in my kids and I found a great website with some amazing character training stuff that I think will become part of our suppertime routine and family nights too. If you are looking for something similar to use in your home check THIS out. And while you are at that check out this BLOG for some great ideas, discussions and all around great info. I am feeling good habits already just from learning some of their ideas.

So time is still passing. The house is really almost there. The little kids room is pretty much done – because, really, what can you do to decorate a room for a 3 year old girl and 5 year old boy that they will both like? So I am opting for nothing. A few pics of them on the walls and that will be about it. The older boys do not have anything up either, but that is okay. The game room/sun room is about done. The schoolroom needs some IKEA help, so hopefully I will get over there for a few things to really get it organized and functional. Otherwise it is working just find each morning for school! We just need some firewood to heat up that little room while we are in there.

Thanksgiving is approaching. Yesterday I asked the older boys to sit and list out 10 things they were thankful for. They could not share or talk just write. J was done in a few minutes while P whined that he could not think of more than 2. I did not let him off the hook, and insisted he think of 8 more. I expect the next 8 to be meaningless filler. Instead he put Lizards as #3 (this was the catalyst of sorts) because then he went to Bible, God, Daddy’s job, school, a backyard were a few. I was impressed that he came up with those after so much whining. It was great for them to read them last night at the table to Daddy and the little 2. It made them both realize what they have to be thankful for (J & P that is). Plus a little more handwriting never hurt anyone!

Tomorrow we head to Mansfield to the dentist for all 4 – yeah! Then to see friends. Friday, the boys are not aware of this yet, but a friend with a 12 year old HS daughter is going to meet me, while her daughter works at the zoo, to talk while the kids play at an indoor play area nearby. They are going to be thrilled and I will love visiting with a new friend!! Can’t wait! Not much else going on. We are staying here for the holiday – and are looking forward to a great meal with family!


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