A Very Thankful Thanksgiving

Tonight I get to sit on my couch and blog! Wow! This is a first – we finally have internet we are paying for and that covers our whole house!! We were borrowing internet from somewhere (some unsecure network nearby) – and we only get it in the front school room. So woohoo! We are back in the present with internet!!

Today we had a great day, put up the tree, had a nice relaxing breakfast after sleeping in, and just worked around the house all day – it is so good to really get things done around here and more things put away!

We sat down this evening as a family and talked about the nativity together – the kids talked about each piece and why it was important and then we set it all up. They have been enjoying the Little People one all day. AG sits and plays with all of them – pretending. it is so sweet to see her grow up like that.

Robert and I were talking about how grateful we are to have so much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving and Christmas. We could have still been on the path of unemployment like so many others we know. Regardless of the fact that we are employed, this Christmas will be very precious as we reflect on this past year and especially the last 9 months. It has been a great year! And we are thankful!

So here is a recap of our Thanksgiving….. (more pics on flickr)

We woke up early – what is new? and the kids snuggled up on the couch to watch the Macy’s Day parade! They loved all of it! J even took pics of the floats on the tv – not sure about that – but otherwise it was a fun morning.

We planned to head to Brian & Lisa’s home for Thanksgiving supper – so we made a pie and some sweet potatoes and head off for some fun with the cousins and Grandparents.

Here are Robert & Brian’s Grandparents.

Here is C1 and PJ playing together – rarely were they seen without lightsabers.

Here is J and C1 – notice the costume – clone trooper! Boy these boys love Star Wars!

Here are the younger boys – 2 peas in a pod if you ask me! But sweet boys!!

Here is C1 – he contributed to Thanksgiving supper by making toast – he had it ready when we got there – then he cut it up, put some jam on it and had it ready at dinner time! The kids were thrilled!! They ate that while we put the final touches on the meal ready to serve – it was perfect!

Here are AG and C2 – playing kitchen – these two played so well together – it was very sweet!!

Here is our sweet niece – she decided she needed to jazz up her outfit and so she put every string of beads she owns around her neck – so sweet to watch her play!

Here is AG and her Daddy!

Here is our sweet little girl –

2 wonderfully smelling Apple Pies

A perfectly deep fried turkey – it was delightful!

A Beautiful Table

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