A Warm Cup of Tea

Well, it is Wednesday already, the week before Christmas and well, I am not ready for it to be now! Really I would love to cram one more week in before Christmas, and not because I am overwhelmed and have so much to do, because I am in my element and am loving it!!

First, I’ll explain. Robert is working night, which you probably already know if you talk to me or read this blog much. This is not our ideal way to pass the days, although we are loving family time from about 11am until about 2:30 – the kids are really loving it!
But, my philosophy of life tends to be when life hands you lemons, you make lemonade – for your own sanity really! But in this case I have been making a warm, sweet, cup of hot tea. Yes, it is a bit chilly here (depending on the day) and we have been schooling by the fire most mornings which I absolutely adore! But my afternoons have been spend wandering the blog world or sewing. And MAN I have found some great stuff!!
So at the request of a certain friend in particular I will share. Please understand I only hope to inspire you, not to guilt you or make you feel bad in any way. Goodness knows we all have plenty of guilt without adding any more. So if you are a fellow crafter, enjoy and be inspired, if not, well put in your order for your family and we’ll see what I can do! 🙂 But really hope you enjoy! It has been lots of fun sitting on the couch in the evenings working on these!

First, do not think all is perfect in my house. While I immerse myself in the world of wonderful crafts, my dryer sounds like a jet engine about to explode, my washer has been backing up since yesterday, and well my kids are running around, as usual, like crazy! So these are some normal views in my house as I choose to craft rather than tidy up!

Notice that is an air hockey table, that well we are not playing air hockey on these days, but man it makes a handy craft table

And here are our stockings. I have hoped for years to make some homemade stockings for my family. I started these, well sometime last fall I think. Then I worked on them a bit in Michigan this summer and I finished (well almost) them these past 2 weeks or so. I love them. Not sure about the name part, but i can always update that later.

Here are some felt ornaments I made. There are great downloadable directions (owl)here and (little house)here and (assorted others)here and here is one I may make in the future . Finally here is another that is on my list, but as the days go by, not sure…..

Here is a cute little butterfly I made for a great friend’s little girl. I think it is cuter in person, but my little girl loves it! So hopefully the one who gets it will love it too.

So that is all for now, I am off to sew some more, and I think I may just make a cup of tea too! Something fun about tea, maybe we will have an afternoon tea party!! And then, I have more owls to make – I think those are one of my favorites.

Happy Crafting!!

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