Post Christmas & Baptism!!

Merry Christmas from our family!!

Here are some pics from Sunday!! A big day for our family!!
This is my sweet boy all dry and getting ready for his “re-birth” of sorts!!

Below he is getting ready to go under! Notice the mouth – he is a little nervous about the crowd – but smiling sweetly because he is excited!!

And finally, here is my brother in Christ as he comes back up a New Creation!!

What a great day!!

Well, Christmas came and went in a flash. or so it seems on many levels! But it was so much fun to watch the kids open presents this year with so much amazement. The mystery of Christmas continues another year in our home. The boys are certain he exists even though we have told them in the past the truth over and over. I think they really want to believe, so we let them!

The paper is clearing, the boxes should be gone tomorrow with the trash, but the gift of Christmas cards still continues, which I love!
We are back to some semblance of reality here though, and I am ready to have it be fully here. Robert is back at work – working nights again this week. So I am back to serving the big meal at lunch and a simple meal at dinner time for just the kids. I seem to not have much appetite when I have such a big lunch – so that is good for me!
Finally, here are some pics from Christmas morning. It was a bit crazy, but if was fun! The kids did such a good job of really keeping their focus on Jesus this year. They enjoy the gifts but if you ask them they will admit the real celebration is about Jesus and what he did for us!!
Here are the kids with full stockings!!

This child chose to dump rather than remove …never would have expected that would you??
And this little girl loved her scarf and hat! What a cutie!

So as 2010 quickly approached I wonder ~ how do I want this next year to be defined? What do I want to do better and what do I want to weed out…..lots to think about!

For New Years this year we have a friend spending the night – Bryce- and we will celebrate with “make your own” pizza – followed by fondue!! I hope to have some pics of some snow pops to share in my next post, my angel is helping this afternoon with these as the boys have hooked up their IV line to the wii and will need to be torn away if there is an emergency!! Should be a good afternoon!!

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