Inspired by….

MckMama – that’s who!

This post is dedicated to MckMama and her sweet son Stellan (and the others in her brood too)!

She posted directions and deliciously inspiring pics on her blog about her homemade SnowPops. I just had to take her challenge to try them myself. I was certain I would be successful, I mean I love to cook and bake all the time and MckMama claims little skill in the baking area.

False Assumption on my part!! I think, for one, she was using better ingredients and it all counts!! But I still think mine look pretty darn cute – and well my audience was not comparing them to anyone else’s blog!

So here is my sweet helper as she cleaned up my spatula – after I was finished using it….

Then she decided to get a little more to clean up…..

but then I caught her – honestly I had not idea when I took the picture above what she was doing, until I took the camera down from my eye….

Anyway, here is our finished project. They were sure fun and easy, just not picture perfect.

Here is the crew with full bellies enjoying Ice Age. The young man in the middle is not a regular part of our family, but he is enjoying his night tonight as a part!

One more thing, if you are bouncing around MckMama’s blog make sure to check out THIS post and THIS one too!! Second one is laugh -out-loud FUNNY!!

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