walking in the word

Today is another day in this new year. 2010 – the year of following (for me).

School started earlier than the other days in this week, that was after all the children were bathed and we had breakfast. So school ended earlier than the other days allowing me some extra time before lunch. I was able to catch up on some of my favorite blogs and even get about 15 minutes of housekeeping in!! FlyLady would be proud! I stumbled upon a blog called Econobusters from an email from Old SchoolHouse Magazine. She is running 31 days of organizing tips on her blog for the new year. I was inspired to run into the kids rooms (colder than the room I was in) to quickly pull out some extra clothes. Literally it took 15 minutes and it was WONDERFUL!! I cleared out pant drawers for 3 boys and PJs too. I now have 4 bags of extra clothes and a box of PJs.

I was able to have a great conversation with my dear friend Kristen and we even talked about that whole “stumbling” on blogs and just following rabbit trails until you cannot get out. Yes, I too suffer from that! I suggested setting a timer for blog reading to keep from wasting too much time – I think I will have to try the timer thing. I am just so thrilled at regaining so much of my time through managing my on-line time better!!

Most importantly today, I spent some time with God – I walked with him. I have been reading my Bible in bed before I get up – while icing my back (following the plan from Manna Church). And this is working so well for me! The ice ensures I am awake and alert and it helps my back heal, while soaking in the word and committing my day to Him through prayer. I have been meditating on my memory verse – it is posted in the bathroom, kitchen sink, dash of my car, and a copy is on the school table – so I almost have it memorized! And working on it has been keeping my mind on Him, His word, and His promises for my life – I need that!

I feel like, because I am putting him first in my day and throughout my day, he is blessing my time management and my attitude through the day. Am I still yelling at the kids at times? Yes, but not as angrily or as often. Instead I am trying to remind them what obedience looks like – since we have been talking about that for our Character Training this month. That seems to be working, they know what they are supposed to be doing, they are just not in the habit of choosing it. Kind of like me – huh? Sometimes I need a gentle reminder from someone I love to get me back on track.

Even found a few minutes to help start the kids on this new puzzle from Goodwill (missing 4 pieces :))

So, I am enjoying this new found time, this new focus on the Word of God and hiding it in my heart, and the moments with my children. We have many days left in this year, and it will feel long, but it will be short, I hope to stay on this course ’til then end!!

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