Wonderful – to be full of wonder

Not always the way we use that word, but today I woke and felt full of wonder. (Well aside from the frustration of hearing 3 of my kids before 6am that is!)

Not sure why I felt full of wonder. I guess I expect God to meet me in my time with him. You know, he is always there to meet us, sometimes we don’t look for him though. Today I looked. 🙂

This morning I read Matthew 9:18-38 as my New Testament daily reading. I have really enjoyed reading through Matthew again, but slower than I normally would. I am savoring the parables and words of Jesus. Anyway, while I read about the 2 blind men who came seeking sight from Jesus

he asked them “Do you believe I am able to do this?”
“Yes, Lord,” they replied.
According to your faith it will be done to you“; and their sight was returned. Matthew 9:28-29

So then as I turned to page to read those lines I thought : What if things in my life we done according to my faith?

That is not super profound, but the sweet part was, in the margin I had written those words in the past. Obviously I have been here before, not only in these words, but looking past His words into my life.

So I think about this past year. I think about Sally Clarkson’s talk on living by faith, and the call to my heart to truly start living by faith in all areas of my life. I think about how the next month God made a similar call to my dear husband’s heart; and then another month later inspired him to pray to God the following : “Lord, I am not going to leave Ryland, so if you want me somewhere else you are going to have to fire me.” (Monday)

To which the Lord said :”Okay – DONE”

And the next morning – Tuesday- at 10:30 he was in our garage finishing a project as an unemployed man.

WOW!! Maybe it did happen according to my faith. Or maybe God was so gracious to lead us on that journey. I mean, I do not think I really believed he would change Robert’s heart so quickly, or inspire him to give it all up to God to effortlessly. So it was not really according to my faith – it went beyond my simple faith.

So, what are the desires of my heart today? What am I praying for in my life, the lives of my children or friends? Will God answer those prayers according to my faith? I hope not, I hope he answers them beyond what my faith can comprehend. I hope….

But as for my faith, I have seen God move mountains – big ones. I have seen him meet needs, little ones and big ones. I have seen him honor the little faith I had and multiply it. I mean really, faith is not from us, it is a gift from him. And he is increasing my faith daily!

I continue to sit in awe of my creator. I see him in everything we study in school at our table, I see him in the heart of growing children and their kindness to each other, I see him in the answer to prayers in our family. I see him, and my faith grows. But I could miss it. I could mark it up to luck or coincidence, but I know otherwise. Luck is a myth – and nothing happens by coincidence. Things happen for a reason – and not some “higher meaning” but a preordained reason. The good & the bad – it all happens to increase our faith and draw us closer to him.

I love continue to savor this journey, step by step. I hope to wake tomorrow filled with wonder!

1 thought on “Wonderful

  1. “Things happen for a reason – and not some “higher meaning” but a preordained reason. The good & the bad – it all happens to increase our faith and draw us closer to him.”
    I love this! So true and so insightful…
    Thank you so much.
    Grace and peace

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